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It all began one day at my sister's house....

After an episode of "The Great Food Truck Race" in 2010 my sister and I looked at each other, smiled, nodded and said let's get a food truck! My huband was reluctant but extremely supportive. He knew what hard work lay ahead, but we were determined, and so our culinary journey began...


Out we went with our food truck in tow! Once everything was set up and we were finally ready to cook the fun began. Taking orders, serving our guests and receiving compliments, we were hooked! But, back to my husband... Shhh! He was right ;) It was extremely laborious and we often wished our parents had also had a son, lol!


From the time I was a little girl I remember my mother entertaining friends and dad's collegues and she and my sister talking about starting a culinary event service.


Life happens, and it certainly did to us. Our mother battled a second round of breast cancer in 2014 and one year later I too was diagnosed with breast cancer. Through outstanding treatment and the love and support of our family we are survivors. For breast cancer awareness we have selected "PINK" and our pineapple symbolizes welcome. We are pleased to have the oppotunity to once again prepare for you what brings us so much joy. The joy of cooking and entertaining allows a tasty and memorable artistic expression of love.


Many, many years later here we are,

all together doing what we love!

Pink Pineapple Perfection Catering
I'm a description


since 2010​
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